Hot Mama!

Happy Thursday mamas!

Summer is officially here and I’m already feeling the heat!

My stomach is literally a furnace lately and if I think about it just right I can start sweating. This means it’s so important to keep myself and my little girl safe and healthy, especially as the temperature begins to rise.

Cody over at Today’s Mama wrote up a great piece on how to survive the summer with a big pregnant belly. My best take aways are Maxi skirts/dresses and lots and lots of water.

I’ve been carrying a 1 liter water bottle everywhere I go to make sure I stay hydrated all day.

I read some more tips at Brixy and they made sure to put in the all important reminder to stay active, but to be safe when exercising outside. Drink lots of water before, during, and after and be sure to put on some sunscreen to protect you and your little one(s).

I’ve heard a lot of suggestions to get a lot of pool time in this summer (don’t have to tell me twice!), and it just so happens that the condo we are moving into in a couple of weeks has a lovely looking pool (that I don’t have to take care of!). I anticipate spending many a day floating, swimming, and reading to my baby girl this summer. Also, central air conditioning for the times I’ll be inside.

Any tips from my other mamas out there?



Thirsty Thursday – Mocktails for Mamas

Good morning mamas!

I’m the first one out of my close friends to be pregnant, so I learned to be creative at happy hour early on. I’ve since let them in on my good news, but I still rely on my favorites whenever I go out because plain water just doesn’t do it for me when I’m out on the town.

Before my friends knew about the pregnancy, I would get to the place ahead of time. I would tell them that I was getting there to secure a table, but really I was establishing a rapport with my server. I would let them know that I was expecting, but not drinking would cause suspicion and ask them for any suggestions.

My go-to is usually a glass of prosecco and my favorite suggestion was to have ginger ale and club soda poured into a wine glass. The club soda lightens the color of the ginger ale to look more like white wine. I would tell my server that I would like a glass of prosecco and they would bring me the ginger ale drink. My friends were none-the-wiser (I think).

Mock Prosecco

As winter starts to become a distant memory and springtime is here, I plan on having a lot of fun, fruity sippers to celebrate the warmer weather and have gathered a list of my favorite recipes here and you can bet your ass I’ll be trying these out soon!

Happy drinking!

~ The Pinterest Mama