Choosing a Color Palette

Happy Monday mamas!

My husband and I are closing on a new-to-us condo in a couple of weeks so my mind is constantly on how to make our new space feel like home.

We’ll be moving from a 650 square foot apartment to a townhouse style condo with 2,200 square feet and just thinking about how to make a space that’s almost 4 times the size of our current apartment beautiful and cohesive is a bit overwhelming.

The best plan of attack for me is to start with painting the walls as I’ve found that a simple coat of paint can change the look of a room in an instant. The current owner LOVES browns and tans (think tan walls, brown furniture, brown window treatments, tan decor) while my husband and I have more modern/contemporary tastes in the gray, greige, blues, blacks, and silver families.



Via The Scott Brothers

Above are a couple of examples of the look we’ll be going for, but we will likely go with a lighter gray for the walls.

Of course I went to Pinterest to find some inspiration on creating a cohesive paint color palette for my space and found this amazing article from TinySidekick which pretty much sums up what I’ve been looking for all in one spot!




She has some great tips on how to choose a color palette that will work with your color tastes whether they be monochromatic, harmonious, or complementary.

Can’t wait to get into my condo and start painting!


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