50 Told Me Go ‘Head Switch the Style Up…

11 weeks today mamas!

So close to the second trimester I can almost taste it – or is that something else? 😉

We got to see little miss or mister at 9 weeks 1 day (Can’t believe that was almost TWO weeks ago!)


and everything was right on track – he or she measured spot on at 9 weeks exactly and made mama proud with a strong heartbeat of 175 bpm! My little shrimpy! I love that I can make out the face. I told my husband I think the baby looks just like him. He thinks I’m funny, but I see it 🙂

I had to fight with my OB to get that ultrasound, even after my loss last year. They were content to see me at 12 weeks and no sooner for a doppler reading only (Red Flag #1). Once I pushed back regarding the loss, they said they would see me no sooner than 8 weeks, but my doctor was busy (mind you I called at 4 weeks pregnant to schedule this) that week so I had to wait until the following week to be seen (which was WAY pushing my comfort – Red Flag #2).

At that appointment, I asked about a Nuchal Translucency screening (NT) or if the office offered any other first trimester screenings. Because I am low risk, they refused to perform any prenatal screening until my anatomy scan, even after offering to pay out of pocket if my insurance doesn’t cover it (it does – Red Flag #3). On top of that, they don’t have the proper certifications to do NT scans, so they have to make a referral to a different location. I asked them for that – they told me who to call and I was on my way. When I called the office, they had no idea what I was talking about and went so far as to say they have never taken referrals from my doctor (Red Flag #4).

The OB practice and hospital I was planning to deliver through is faith-based, which by itself is not a problem for me. What *is* a problem for me is that their ideals and belief system were being forced on me by way of the care I was receiving and I am not okay with not having a say in my own care.

So I want to use this as a PSA to all of you mamas and mamas-to-be out there:

Don’t be afraid to change it up!

I asked for opinions on my Facebook page and had a lot of my mama friends chime in with where they delivered, who their doctor was. I did some research on my own to find a practice that seems to align more with my ideals and lets me take a front seat when it comes to care planning throughout the pregnancy. They also offer first trimester screenings routinely.

I called to make an appointment and let them know how time sensitive things are since I now have a two week window to have these screenings done. They are AWESOME – I have an appointment in 2 days. Not 4 weeks out, but 2 days and I couldn’t be happier.

You may be in the beginning stages of looking for a provider, or you may be unhappy with your current provider as I was. You may love your OB or Midwife and still have some questions!

Regardless which camp you fall into – check out these pins. They offer up some good insight on the (right) questions to ask and things to think about when deciding who will care for you during pregnancy and delivery. There’s also a great comparison on Midwives vs OBs which helped to clear up some of the confusion for me!

Looking forward to Thursday!


One thought on “50 Told Me Go ‘Head Switch the Style Up…

  1. makingalittlea says:

    Glad you were proactive and made the change. Sounds like it was a GREAT decision! I am semi graduating my fertility clinic and heading to a new OBG on Monday afternoon. I am extremely nervous, though the group comes highly recommended by several people. I hope there won’t need to be any game changing decisions after Monday’s visit. Congrats and wishing you continued happy and healthy 9 months!!!

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