Thirsty Thursday – Mocktails for Mamas

Good morning mamas!

I’m the first one out of my close friends to be pregnant, so I learned to be creative at happy hour early on. I’ve since let them in on my good news, but I still rely on my favorites whenever I go out because plain water just doesn’t do it for me when I’m out on the town.

Before my friends knew about the pregnancy, I would get to the place ahead of time. I would tell them that I was getting there to secure a table, but really I was establishing a rapport with my server. I would let them know that I was expecting, but not drinking would cause suspicion and ask them for any suggestions.

My go-to is usually a glass of prosecco and my favorite suggestion was to have ginger ale and club soda poured into a wine glass. The club soda lightens the color of the ginger ale to look more like white wine. I would tell my server that I would like a glass of prosecco and they would bring me the ginger ale drink. My friends were none-the-wiser (I think).

Mock Prosecco

As winter starts to become a distant memory and springtime is here, I plan on having a lot of fun, fruity sippers to celebrate the warmer weather and have gathered a list of my favorite recipes here and you can bet your ass I’ll be trying these out soon!

Happy drinking!

~ The Pinterest Mama


2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday – Mocktails for Mamas

  1. Meg says:

    Love the idea of getting there early to clue your server in — genius! I wasn’t a big drinker before pregnancy, but there were definitely times that the absence of a beverage was a serious tip-off to friends. Will have to investigate the mocktails idea in the future. I’m quite obviously pregnant now, but there’s always next time. 🙂

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