Let’s Talk About: “Morning” Sickness

Good day mamas!

I want to talk about a little thing that non-pregnant people like to refer to as morning sickness. But anyone who is pregnant, has been pregnant, has been married to or close to someone who is or has been pregnant knows that calling it morning sickness is just cruel.

This shit lasts all. day. long.

I’m 10 weeks today and have heard just about every remedy out there from ginger chews, peppermints, tea, preggo pops, crackers by the bedside…you get the idea. And every person I’ve talked to insists that their remedy will work, no matter what.


I tried a ginger chew at the suggestion of a friend the other day. It made me more nauseous and it was so spicy it gave me heartburn. My husband and I have a strict no food in the bedroom policy, so crackers by the bedside are out for me. I sip on lemon ginger tea throughout the day (decaf of course) with honey in it and that helps me quite a bit. Mints also work well for me – except I can’t stop eating them once I start. Someone gave me their tic-tacs at work last week and I ate the whole thing in one day because they worked so well.

If you search for Morning Sickness on Pinterest you will come up with a million and one different pins on how to deal with feeling sick all the time and quite frankly, I’m not impressed with most of them out there. I came across several recipes to make your own preggo pops, smoothies, etc but if you’re anything like me you’re too damn tired to even think about it. Plus, smoothies sound absolutely disgusting to me right now. A lot of them were solely food related remedies, but I think this really sums up how that normally goes:


I’ve pinned my favorites here.

I do want to disclose that I haven’t tried everything on these lists, but I also am not doing everything I can to combat the nausea. It’s comforting for me, and a nice reminder that my little babe is still in there growing like crazy. During my pregnancy last year that ended in a loss, I didn’t feel any morning sickness at all, so sometimes it feels good to have in a weird, masochistic way.

Just remember to cut yourself some slack, mamas! Growing a whole human being is hard work, and you may need to remind your partner(s) of that from time to time.

~ The Pinterest Mama


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